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Business And Corporate Matters

Jones Steves has represented highly sophisticated business and corporate clients throughout its history, creating new legal entities and providing ongoing counsel to established business enterprises.

Experienced Guidance With Formation And Entity Choice

A primary responsibility of the firm is providing legal guidance to new organizations in their selection of the most appropriate legal structure. We have a wealth of experience in the creation of partnerships, limited partnerships, joint ventures, corporations, LLPs and LLCs.

Once a structure is chosen, we routinely draw up corollary agreements designed to protect the entity from future liability. Generally, new enterprises also require shareholder agreements, employment contracts, real estate leases and other agreements that we create with a comprehensive understanding of the needs of the organization as a whole.

Litigation Counsel

Our litigation experience gives us the knowledge and tools to draw up documents at the outset of a new business that effectively limits future risk. The entities we form and the agreements we draft are always prepared with a view towards protecting our clients if they were ever challenged in a court proceeding.

Therefore, our skillful drafting of business and corporate documents is especially valuable to those clients who, by the nature of their business, will likely face litigation in the future.

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